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Get your banner HTML code

We recommend to bookmark this page in your web browser, so you can easily update your banner code whenever needed.

This is a demo of the download page. Please make sure that you understand how to use the free demo banner prior to your purchase. Once your payment is completed, you will be directed to your personal download page containing the Flash banner you created with our banner maker.

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Step 3: Generate your banner code

To display your Flash banner on the web and and "link" it to the advertised web page, you need a specific HTML code. Please fill in the form below to generate your banner code.

The click-through URL (also known as "banner link") is a web address of the page where people will "land" when they click on your Flash banner ad.

Tip: Leave this field empty to use your banner as a "logo", ie without the mouseover "hand" cursor.

The following parameters are optional. Adjust them, if desired, and click the "Get banner code" button below.


Tip: to avoid graphics distortion, keep original 728 x 90 aspect ratio (proportion) between width and height.

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Help & Support

If you experience any difficulties with publishing your Flash banner, we will be happy to assist you. Please check out our Help section or click here to contact us.