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Free Xmas flash banner

Add some Christmas spirit to your web site! is pleased to present our customers with free Christmas banner that comes with every purchase of our Instant or Pro banners during December. To request your free banner, please submit the form below. Enter your ad copy, and order number (find it on your personal download page or in the copy of your sales receipt). In a few hours we'll send your free Christmas banner to the email address you provided when you purchased our products. You can use the free banner as a standard Flash ad or just as a holiday decoration for you web site.

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Spread holiday spirit on your web site with a free Christmas Countdown - click here to get the code!

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How do I add / change a link for my ad banner?
A: You can change the Flash banner link (also known as click-through URL) at any time by editing the banner HTML code. Please see tips, tricks and questions at the demo banner page for example of the banner code.

Q: Where can I display my Flash banner?
A: You can display your Flash banner on any web site you have authorized access to. Upload the SWF file along with the web page(s) with the banner code to your web server. You will find the banner SWF file and generate the banner code on the download page, which we'll send to you in a few hours after your request.
Alternatively, you can publish your Flash ad with any ad publisher, network or software supporting Adobe Flash format, such as Google AdWords - your banner SWF file supports industry-standard "clickTAG" variable out-of-the-box. Please use the demo Flash banner to check if your ad publisher accepts Flash ads.

Q: I want to use my Flash banner as web site logo / header.
By modifiyng the banner HTML code, you can display your Flash banner as a web site logo or a header graphics - without assigning a clickthrough link (no mouseover "hand" cursor). Please see the tips and tricks on the banner download page for the code example.